Shorty Awards: Success! And Thanks

Dear Readers,

At 5am this morning (UK time), the Shorty Award nominations finally closed. I’d been in 5th place in the Politics category, but was knocked down to 6th by a last-minute surge from The Bloggess. However, the top six positions in each category go through, so this means I’ve made the short-list in that category. Now it’s down to the judges.

Apologies to those I annoyed by lobbying for nominations – it’s all over now, I promise! And a big thank you to the 325 people who nominated me – especially those who nominated several times (sorry, each person gets counted only once though).

Click here to see the final positions in the politics category

Let’s Get Glenn Beck an Award!

(UPDATE: although nominations have flooded in, it looks like the Shorty Awards guys have suspended the Morons category, which is a shame, though I don’t really blame them acting to prevent their awards being used in this way. The count froze after Beck received 9 nominations, though you can clearly see he had many more than that.)

With only a few hours before the Shorty awards close, I hit on an idea… wouldn’t it be great if we could help Glenn Beck (Fox presenter, fascist rabble-rouser and scourge of peace and democracy) get a Shorty Award as Twitter’s top moron?

I nominated him this morning, thus creating a new Morons category; he’s already in the lead, but it would be great if he could get hundreds of votes – perhaps even a special mention at the awards ceremony!

Nominating is simple: either click here: or simply copy and paste the following text and send as a tweet: I nominate @glennbeck for a Shorty Award in #morons because…

Thanks for your time – let’s show the world what we think of Beck and hate-mongers like him.

Final note – thanks to everyone who nominated me in the Politics category. I currently have 261 nominations (and counting) which I hope will assure me a place in the shortlist. If you haven’t yet nominated, there’s still time:

Final final note: I apologise for plugging the Shorty Awards so hard for the past few days. It’s nearly over, and normal moron-watching continues in the mean time.