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  1. I live in Scotland and it would be interesting to hear your views on possible independence and the pro’s and con’s for both Scotland and the rest of the U.K.

    1. I definitely plan to blog on this, probably several times! My gut feel is that I distrust nationalists, however progressive they sound. I think the upswing in nationalism in Scotland will push it to the right. It seems that the economic effects will be marginal either way – the political effects could be poisonous, triggering a rise in nationalist and racist feeling across the UK, including in Scotland.

      1. I have some sympathy with Scottish nationalism (provided there is an international side to the process), but Salmond seems keen to sell off the country to Donald Trump, which doesn’t strike me as a worthwhile form of independence. Considerable safeguards needed, I think.

  2. I’m just starting to pay attention to politics, however it can be quite difficult to just jump in and pay attention. Can you give some advice of people to follow who make key decisions on the lives of all British citizens, home bound or internationally, or point me in the right direction.

  3. Do you ever write anything on the environmental racism in Canada? The Federal and provincial (Alberta) governments are in active denial mode saying the sudden spike in rare cancers downstream from the tar sands sites has nothing to do with the extraction process. The main victims of these cancers are First Nations people. There is a media white out on almost everything to do with FN issues that might sway public opinion to stop their racist stereotyping and see that FN are just the immediate victims of govt greed. Environmental racism effects everyone!!!

  4. so i must be a moron , i cannot seem to find the “irrefutable proof” of climate change (that you bang on about ) just a lot of bitching by people who claim they are sharpest tool in the kitchen……..forget the abuse and point me and many MANY others to the post that does irrefutably prove this hypothesis …please i am a invalid pensioner ,not a troll for big oil nor a buddy of lord monkeybrains,….where are the facts i smell politics and mendacity …or am i being overly sceptical….it seems to me that it dove tails very nicely with UN agenda 21……and before you offer abuse ,since when have morons been interested in the opines of others ,or in intellectual argy bargy ? (pardon my oz lingo)…….. regards

  5. ..so you are suggesting that I / we should take this as a matter of faith ? if i suggest you read the King James bible or the Koran or the Old Testament would you then believe in my god ? i want to know why you are doing this and if you have a connection with the UN…..and why would a person of some intelligence set themselves up to shout abuse at others ?( as opposed to engaging in reasoned debate ,with those with differing opinions)

    1. And I noticed this quote when re-reading the Guardian article:

      ‘One woman told Object: “I was frightened of the men who came out of that pub, especially the men in groups leering at women walking past.”‘

      Yes, Anna van Heeswijk has resurrected a manufactured claim from the Object activist Yahoo group, which was exposed on the Stripping The Illusion blog nearly two years ago!


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