MOTW: Slovakia Rejects Muslim Refugees

Slovakia has “generously” offered to accept 200 refugees from Syria (Turkey, by comparison, has 2 million). However, this comes with a major condition: it will only accept Christians, on the basis that Muslims would “not feel at home”.

Someone might point out to the the Slovakian government that “not feeling at home” is pretty standard for refugees, by definition, of all races and religions. However, Slovakia’s fascist attitudes don’t stop with foreign Muslims. Slovakia’s own Roma population apparently doesn’t “feel at home” very much either, due to relentless discrimination and harassment.

We are reminded ever more frequently of the long history of savagery underlying Europe’s civilised surface. Stories like this are sent to remind us that, without the EU, Europe has invariably beenĀ a very dark place. Euroscepticism – whether in the “evil” Farage or “nice” Corbyn varieties – is a danger to watch closely.

Original story via BBC.

4 thoughts on “MOTW: Slovakia Rejects Muslim Refugees”

  1. The person who wrote this has absolutely no idea what a menace the majority of Roma population in Slovakia is. Have we not made enough headlines with “Slovakians” causing mayhem in Sheffield?

  2. Well, almost 3 years later, and look at Europe now with its huge migrant populations. Rapes have gone up, acid attacks, car rammings, crime, welfare handouts through the roof. Yeah, let’s just keep importing those type of people.

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