Gaza 2014: The Final Solution Begins

As Israel slaughters its way through Gaza, it’s frustrating to watch discussions get confused by the daily complexities of the conflict, because the underlying truth is incredibly simple: the Zionists that now firmly control Israeli government intend to take permanent control of Gaza, making it a part of their nation. There is no nuance or balance needed to see the big picture. This might be illegal, brutal and savage, but nobody can claim not to understand it. To illustrate the point, here are four maps showing Israel and Palestine at various points in the past century. Gaza is the little strip of green on the coast on the left.

The incredible shrinking Palestine
The incredible shrinking Palestine


In Israel’s colonial plan, Gaza is a minor issue. The real prize is the West Bank, and as the map shows, that is being taken one settlement, one house at a time. Those spots of green are getting smaller every day. They are little spots of misery in a wealthy land, lacking the water, roads and other infrastructure available to the rest of Israel, and facing regular violence from Israeli settlers, who are backed by IDF forces. The biggest prize of all is Jerusalem, and as the map shows, that was once clearly part of Palestine, and is now being surgically extracted and grafted on to Israel.

From a historical point of view, the events in Israel-Palestine are fascinating to watch. Once, such land grabs were commonplace. In fact, every point on Earth was once inhibited by different racial and tribal groups: America and Australia were, of course, not white, England wasn’t Anglo-Saxon and China wasn’t Chinese. But blatant colonialism has mostly been banished into history. Israel-Palestine is (one can hope) the last example of a once normal class of human behaviour. It is also the only colonial takeover ever to be recorded in such minute detail on social media.

In 2005, Israel withdrew all Jewish settlers from Gaza. At the time, this was hailed as progress; but Israel had no intention of staying out, or of allowing Gaza to operate a normal economy or society. As soon as the withdrawal finished, a savage blockade was begun, ostensibly to prevent terrorist attacks. Gazans (including children) were terrorised, arrested, tortured, humiliated. Gazan fishermen were prevented by the Israeli navy from legally fishing, often coming under gunfire. Denied building materials and fuel, infrastructure crumbled. Disease spread and life expectancy fell. Gaza remained a desperate place, isolated even from the main body of Palestinian life in the West Bank.

The Hamas Myth

So it’s no surprise that support for the conservative Hamas grew in Gaza, creating a rift between Gazans and those in the West Bank who largely supported the secular Fatah movement. Hamas’ rise was aided by Israel, which benefited by sowing division in Palestine, and by creating for itself an “extremist” enemy. In the propaganda war, Hamas has repeatedly proven itself useful to Israel, as has been seen again in the current conflict, confusing observers into believing that Israel actually needs to defend itself against a mortal enemy.

Hamas was elected to power in Gaza in 2006, much to Zionist delight. Now the Israeli population could be whipped up into an eternal state of fear against the extremists, and the lines between Hamas and all Palestinians could be repeatedly blurred. It is often pointed out that Hamas calls for nothing less than the destruction of the state of Israel, and this is true, but it is falsely claimed that Hamas could never be persuaded to recognise Israel. Hamas has often proven itself far more pragmatic than the “terrorist” image crafted by Israel.

Hamas has come close, at various times, to reaching a peace agreement. But Israel has never wanted peace, and nor does it want a Hamas “monster” that turns out not to be monstrous after all. Conciliatory Hamas leaders have repeatedly been assassinated by Israel: this fact alone exposes the lie that peace has ever been on offer. In 2012, Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari was close to signing a peace agreement, and so Israel, true to form, murdered him. Hamas has never been a serious obstacle to peace: Israel is the only obstacle to peace, because accepting peace would mean abandoning the colonial Zionist project of taking all of Palestine.

Again, in the current conflict, Hamas’ demands have not been extreme. Hamas has offered Israel 10 conditions for a lasting truce. The conditions are all reasonable, and in most cases simply demand that Israel complies with international law. And yet, Israel rejects them, and thanks to the lies of global media and governments, the public is allowed to believe the “peace with Hamas is impossible” lie.

Hamas is widely disliked by most Palestinians, and is largely powerless; and yet the ongoing slaughter is presented as a “war” between two sides. Such is the comedy of Zionist propaganda.

The Genocide

Since withdrawing from Gaza in 2005, Israel has alternated between providing slow death and fast death for the people of Gaza. During Operation Cast Lead in 2008/09, around 1,400 Palestinians were killed. Around half of these were civilians; those classed as “fighters” included many Palestinian police, who had been deemed a valid military target by Israel. The UN’s report, carried out by Richard Goldstone (a Jew), made clear that Israel had been repeatedly guilty of war crimes and violations of humans rights.

Besides the human cost, Israel destroyed or damaged schools, hospitals and 20,000 homes during Cast Lead. Once the conflict was over, a resumed blockade ensured that these could not be rebuilt. Gaza became increasingly unfit for human existence: in 2009, the UN reported that Gaza’s water supply was close to collapse – and yet Israel continued to blockade any investment in infrastructure. This has been nothing less than slow genocide, carried out in full view of the world.

Those Rockets

So Hamas has blindly fired puny rockets at Israel. Didn’t Native Americans have the right to fire arrows at white settlers, even if the act was futile? The firing of rockets is futile, and plays into Israel’s hands. But what. The fuck. Are Palestinians supposed to do? By way of comic interlude, here’s a cat being startled by a scary Hamas rocket.

The Anti-Semitism Shield

As a Jew, I have no fear in attacking Israel, but many of my non-Jewish friends tell me that they often hold back for fear of the standard “anti-Semite” attack. During this current attack on Gaza, I’ve been heartened to see increasing numbers of Jews, in the UK, US, Israel and elsewhere, standing up for Palestinians. Ex-IDF soliders too have been speaking out. In doing so, they help burst the myth that this conflict is about Jew against Arab, or Jew against Muslim.

It is true that anti-Semitism is, and has been for centuries, a powerful force, especially in Europe. It may well also be true that European anti-Semitism is on the rise. In part, that rise is the result of Israeli terrorism. Europe’s Jews can’t expect support from Israel’s Zionists; indeed, the Zionist wet dream is that an upsurge in violence against Jews in Europe will drive us to Israel, increase the Jewish population there, and add strength to the conquest of Palestine.

The Final Solution for Gaza

Oh – did I mention that Gaza has an estimated $4bn of gas reserves?

So it has been obvious, for years, that Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from Gaza was a temporary step, rather than an acceptance that Palestinians could keep hold of that little coastal strip of land. The question was when, and how, they would seize Gaza.

Today, we began to learn. The map below was tucked away at the bottom of a BBC news article. Israel, which has already killed over a thousand in the current conflict, and maimed countless more, declared a “buffer zone” in Gaza, and advised civilians to leave it. The problem with this announcement being that the zone takes up almost half of Gaza. Or, in other words, Gazans are being squeezed into half the previous space: and Gaza was, already one of the most densely populated places on the planet. Gazans (half of them children) are, as we speak, being driven into the sea.

If this isn’t genocide, what is? Will the world wake up? If not now, when?

Gaza: The Final Solution
Gaza: The Final Solution

13 thoughts on “Gaza 2014: The Final Solution Begins”

  1. God that was sickening and painful to read but… too necessary.

    I completely agree with you on how important it is for Jews to stand up against Israel. The truth is that anytime I discuss this topic I always specifically say “The Israel government” or at least “Israel” and stay as far away as possible from the word “Jew” or anything similar. It is extremely important to make it absolutely clear this is not about Jewish people.

    This whole thing is simply horrifying. I read some tweets last night of a young girl who was tweeting right in the middle of a bombing attack and posting videos… just horrible. I suppose our only comfort is that unlike previous colonizations, this time we don’t need to rely on history books. This time we are seeing it all for ourselves so it’s not going to be so easy for them to “re-write” history.

  2. Well written and necessary counterpoint to MSM (to use a Palinism) reporting of the assault on Gaza, even if I don’t entirely agree your conclusions on the endgame (it’s possible that the Israeli objective is a “Bantu” Palestinian “state”, rather than genocide). However, in saying that, I would have to concede that the Israeli tactics are uncomfortably reminiscent of the Jewish ghettos (the “operations” like Cast Lead, etc would be the equivalent of Aktions). There does increasingly seem to be an element within Israeli society which regards the Palestinians as “untermenschen”, including elements in the Government. If this is correct, and if you are correct, it is deeply disturbing.

    I also have to agree that the Israeli government is not interested in a peace deal. As you may recall, Abbas offered Israel a peace deal some time ago. Bibi refused on the basis that Abbas “didn’t speak for all Palestinians”, because Hamas controlled Gaza. So Abbas agrees a deal with Hamas, and again offers to talk peace. Bibi refuses on the basis that Abbas is “allied with terrorists” (Hamas). Catch 22. It wouldn’t surprise me if ISIS or a similar “real terrorist” organisation took root in Gaza and the West Bank as a result of Israeli action.

    As a non-Semite, it’s difficult for me to comment authoritatively on the prevalence of Antisemitism, since I have no personal experience of it (though I have been accused of Antisemitism for comments on other forums). However, I am not clear how criticism of the Israeli Government’s dealings with other Semitic people (the Palestinians) can possibly be regarded as Antisemitic.

    Finally, is there an election due in Israel in the next 6 months or so? I seem to recall there is an established correlation between assaults on the Palestinians and elections. Almost as if the Israeli government regards mass slaughter as a good campaigning tactic.

    1. The term “anti-Semitism” is a misnomer, of course. It should be called “Jew hate”, and it’s certainly alive and well in its old home in Europe, and on the rise in Muslim countries as part of a backlash against Israel

      1. “Jew hate” may well be on the rise, as you say, and it’s often coupled with “Islam hate”, so maybe that is antisemitism (I realise there is no true correlation between Islam and being Semite, but a lot of Semites are either Jewish or Muslim by faith).

    2. Interesting views and similar words can be found inside israel from many sympathetic to palestinians. However….
      1. Can you find a muslim, inside or outside gaza, with a sympathy for jewish israelis – say those who come under fire from those itty bitty rockets fired from gaza?
      2. This colonial policy of Israel …the same nation who handed back siani to Egypt, pulled out of much of the west back, gaza and south Lebanon ….not very good colonists if you ask me? They appear to have handed back far more than they occupy now? Strange policy to reverse it only a few years after leaving?
      3. Dont forget that muslims live all over israel doing all types of jobs and getting by just fine …show me a neighbouring arab country where jews can do the same? Egypt, Jordan, Syria all now have jewish populations of less than 100
      3. And like it or not, israel is the only nation in the region with something we in ‘the west’ would recognise as a parliamentary democracy …sneer if you will but show me an arab equivalent?

  3. “Between November 29th 1947 and June 1948, 214 British servicemen lost their lives, including the 28 killed when the Stern Gang (Zionist terrorists) blew up the Khantara to Haifa Express at Rehovoth on February 29th 1948.”
    My father, now deceased, was one of those British servicemen who was posted to Palestine during 1947/48.
    We should remember that Israel was founded by Zionist terrorism, murder and ethnic cleansing, the problem is that very little has changed in the intervening sixty-six years.

    1. Very true and a lot of people do not even know this and would not think to search online or elsewhere to get more facts on the creation of the terrorist state of Israel. All Jews if they are not actively condemning this slaughter and speaking out, demonstrating, lobbying and other ways of voicing their opposition to the indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians from children to the elderly then they are complicit in their silence and legitimate targets for condemnation. The screams of anti-semite have been used for so long now they have lost any power it once had, like crying wolf then when the wolf comes along no reacts, the anti-semite brigade have reached that point. I have no time, and zero tolerance for all Jews who have not raised their voice, moved out of the loungeroom and turned the TV off to go and actually do something about this slaughter they are beneath contempt!!!

  4. And the carnage goes on as I type this.

    Israel continues to bomb and shell Gaza and its puppet (USA) makes clucking noises and provides more ammunition.

    News flash Israel, has announced a 4 hour “humanitarian cease fire”, so they can refuel and re-arm their jets.

    Netanyahu gives Obama the finger and Obama responds forcefully by giving Israel billions in aid so they buy more arms.

    Meanwhile the suffering continues.

  5. I am apalled, saddened beyond words. I am ashamed to be a human being. Really. I much rather be an animal. I refuse to be part of a species that does this any living creature, let alone to its own species.

  6. The more I read on Gaza, the more convinced I am that you’re right, and I was wrong on the ultimate Israeli intention. It really would be disgraceful (it’s difficult to find a word strong enough) if all the Israeli government had learned from Nazi treatment of the Jews was a “How To” manual, but that’s what seems to be happening. Elements within the Israeli government and society are now discussing the idea of a “final solution” (there was a now retracted article in the Jerusalem Post recently, and the leader of “Jewish Home” – if I have the name correctly, but a party in the ruling coalition – has advocated removing Palestinians from the Gaza strip).

    Meanwhile mainstream Israeli policy seems to be to treat Gaza as a Ghetto, in which ever more people are concentrated into a smaller and smaller area.(the Jewish Ghettos in Poland and elsewhere under the Nazi regime shrank in the same way as “Palestine” on your map). Walls were built round the Ghetto area. Food was rationed at subsistence levels (see the report in the Guardian on the “blockade”), and the people in the Ghettos were subject to regular Nazi Aktions (random killings designed as collective punishment), with parallels to the regular Israeli invasions of Gaza.

    The Israeli press, meanwhile (with a few brave exceptions, such as Gideon Levy) acts as cheerleaders for Government action, and conditions the people to regard Palestinians as “untermenschen”. Couple this with the opportunity to seize and exploit gas fields and your conclusion is sadly inescapable.

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