It’s Official! Obama’s Endless War

Amidst the various sporadic outbreaks of moronitude, people could be forgiven for missing this week’s top story. The Obama administration casually admitted that the US has been running a global, open-ended war since the 9/11 attacks, and it has no intention of stopping any time soon.

During a Senate hearing, Pentagon officials said that the “war against al-Qaeda and its affiliates” could last another 20 years; and claimed that the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that was passed in order to allow the 2001 attack on Afghanistan was an open-ended authorisation to deploy violence anywhere on the planet. When an Independent Senator pointed out that the Pentagon has “…essentially rewritten the Constitution…”, this was met with a shrug, and “…I’m not a constitutional lawyer or a lawyer of any kind…” from one of the Pentagon officials. Now, I’m not a lawyer either, but I’m aware that “ignorance is no defence” when it comes to lawbreaking.

The Pentagon is apparently aware that it is breaking US law (not to mention international law), and seems to be 100% comfortable with that fact. US democracy is revealed to be a sham when most Democrats loyally line up behind the Obama administration; meanwhile, Republicans, rather than oppose Obama’s shredding of the constitution, would rather pursue three completely fabricated attacks on Obama instead. As we already know, the Republicans are even more enthusiastic about pursuing illegal wars than the Democrats.

The current phase in the “war on terror” involves firing missiles at various targets in Pakistan and Yemen, and in the process killing far more civilians than fighters. Pakistan has just achieved the first moderately democratic transfer of power in its history; the US, in pursuing an illegal war against Pakistani individuals, against the wishes of the Pakistani parliament, can fairly be described as a terrorist entity. Under international law, Pakistan is within its rights to retaliate – though it lacks the power to do so, and any retaliation would only strengthen the case for continued terrorism by the Americans.

Yemen is a very poor country which is experiencing a severe water crisis. For a fraction of what the US spends on bombing the place, work could begin on securing water supplies and addressing poverty. But helping fix Yemen’s problems wouldn’t serve the Pentagon’s interests: in order to pursue endless war, it requires a frightened American population; and that needs an enemy. If American morons were to discover that the “terrorist threat” consists of small, scattered groups of idiots driven by poverty more than anything else, support for the Pentagon’s terrorist campaign would weaken.

Those people who were paying attention at the beginning of the “war on terror” (in which the neo-cons blamed Afghanistan for the actions of a small group of Saudi dissidents), will remember predictions that the war may last a decade; now it’s clear that the strategy is to keep kicking the can down the road. 20 years is a meaningless number. The “enemy” barely exists, yet so long as people believe it does, the war will continue, and create the illusion of an enemy as it does so.

The fact that the entire “global terrorist threat” against America has managed to produce 19 men armed with knives, and two men armed with pressure cookers, over a period of twelve years, would make intelligent people stop and think; luckily for the war machine, there appears to be a great shortage of intelligent Americans (or alternatively the corporate-run media ensures they rarely get heard).

Since the Republicans are doing their best to cover up for Obama’s attacks on the constitution, it’s up to liberals to break ranks. Sure, it was good to have a Democratic president, and even better to have a black one, but any dreams that Obama was any kind of liberal must surely have been shattered by now.

Americans, you are bringing death and destruction to places most of you can’t find on a map, just as you did during the “Cold War”. Billionaire interests are leading your country to destruction, and like sheep, you blindly follow. The more foreign civilians you kill, the more likely that some person, sickened by the death and destruction in their own country, will try to take revenge on you. And it seems equally inevitable that you will crap your pants and allow unelected interests to take even more of your liberty in response.

As one of your great men, Benjamin Franklin, said:

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

8 thoughts on “It’s Official! Obama’s Endless War”

  1. “The fact that the entire “global terrorist threat” against America has managed to produce 19 men armed with knives, and two men armed with pressure cookers, over a period of twelve years, would make intelligent people stop and think;”
    Seriously? In the wake of THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of terrorist attacks, from teenaged girls being beheaded in the Philipines to churches being burned in Egypt to serial killers and assassinations and “honor killings” all over the world ON A DAILY BASIS, this idiot would deny the existence of an international campaign to force Islam down everyones throat.
    It is ironic that someone calling themselves “moron watch” is apparently the most egregious idiot I’ve encountered yet. Anybody with an I.Q. above 60 or so can see that we are in a worldwide struggle against the ideology of Islam. When Islamists attack little girls or behead women or spout their ignorant, medieval beliefs and MORONS like this defend them or deny they exist, it makes me want to PUKE!

    1. Great rant, moron. How are attacks on girls in the Philippines a threat to US security. You prove my point – you take a random selection of stories, and concoct a threat out of nothing.

      In fact the worst place for women in the past decade has been Christian Congo, where dozens of rapes take place per hour at times. Or Buddhist Sri Lanka where mass rapes and killings have taken place. But that doesn’t fit your fairy tale, does it?

      1. You cited two examples of some third world violence, and ignore thousands of attacks on western citizens and interests. There have been plenty of attacks and assassinations here in the U.S., and I’m not just talking about Boston. And when some muslim animal chops the heads off little girls anywhere, it is an affront and an attack on free people everywhere. But you don’t seem to care.

        1. Thousands of attacks on Western citizens? I can think of 2 in US, 1 in UK, 1 in Spain… What’s the death toll from these “1000s of attacks”? Meanwhile we’ve killed 100s of 1000s in Iraq alone. What planet are you on?

    2. “a worldwide struggle against the ideology of Islam”?? LOL
      When was the last time someone forced Islam down your throat? No one’s ever done that to me despite having lived in various places around the world.
      Maybe you shoudl learn a little more about mainstream Islam and you’d discover that their silly medieval beliefs are no more dangerous than the medieval beliefs of mainstream christianism.
      I’m more worried about fundamentalist Christians and Muslims to be honest.

  2. you prove.NOTHING IS EASY! The people in our government would for the most part agree with you.While there are many unnecessary steps the overall objective is the security of the Globe. America [except for the coporate business] is not grabbing but giving of our treasure.Bush started the reign of errors and it is not ]easy[ to untangle!
    With the Republican Party in a state of madness! HOW CAN WE GET BACK TO SANITY? With Democrats fearing to speak out or take action,President Obama included.

  3. It’s too bad that it seems like all Americans buy into the propaganda that we have to constantly attack poor countries to keep them from turning into terrorists, communists, or whatever the latest bad guy buzz word is. We really don’t all believe everything we’re told, and there are groups trying to raise awareness and bring help to those countries. is one such project that happens to be headquartered in the area of the US that I live. I know not everyone in the UK has an obsession with the coming royal baby but it sure sounds that way to us!

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