Ann Coulter and the Return of the Bell Curve

Before 9/11, when Muslims suddenly became to blame for everything, there were still morons; it’s just that they believed different myths back then. Right-wing Americans, who hadn’t yet been fed the “Islam is evil” myth, needed somebody to hate; and in general they chose to hate black people. White Supremacy, which went quieter after 9/11, and quieter still after Obama’s election, was the right-wing American moron’s prejudice of choice.

I spent a lot of time online in debate with some of these people. They had rehearsed their arguments well, but once the cracks in their reasoning were exposed, the whole edifice crumbled quickly. Their fundamental claim was that black people were genetically inferior to whites. This was old orthodoxy that had survived unchanged since the same argument was used to justify the slave trade, centuries earlier.

The racists made good use of a 1994 book called The Bell Curve, which examined both genetic and environmental factors in intelligence. However, noticing that intelligence is partly dependent on genes isn’t the same as noticing significant differences between races – something the authors themselves made clear, although the racist morons chose to ignore this point. They also made use of IQ test scores which showed black populations in America significantly under-performing whites. Claims of “white supremacy”, however, were dented by the fact that Chinese and Indian IQ scores were above those of whites. The poor supremacists were forced to accept Asians as their intellectual superiors, as the price of “proving” that blacks were their inferiors.

The argument was fairly easy to dismantle. IQ scores have been steadily rising since the tests were invented over a century ago, demonstrating that education is a major factor in IQ. In fact, the gap between today’s white people and whites a century ago is far wider than the gap between any two racial groups today; to claim that modern whites are genetically much different from their great-great-grandparents would be nonsensical. Additionally, black IQ scores are rising faster than white ones. Again, this rules out a genetic factor.

The race-based arguments are further undermined by breaking the racial groups into smaller subgroups. For example, in the UK, black immigrants from Africa educationally outperform those from the West Indies; and Indians do better than those from Bangladesh.  The arguments are old and thoroughly discredited.

So imagine my surprise when I was informed this morning that racist far-right American nut-job Ann Coulter was tweeting about a study about Hispanic “inferiority”.

This claim just happens to come at a time when a debate about amnesty for illegal Hispanic immigrants is raging. Which is convenient.

Ann is a genuine moron, but falls into the small group of morons who are just smart enough to make a good living from scaring those even dumber than themselves. She regularly pops up in the right-wing media to make racist and otherwise stupid comments that are calculated to get morons all hot and excited. The fact that she is blonde, and could be described as attractive (externally, rather than in her dark soul), if you like that sort of thing, certainly helps her win TV appearances and viewers. No doubt, Kleenex sales rise in Bible Belt states whenever she appears and calls for some country to be nuked, or calls Arabs “ragheads”. Or whatever.

I wish Ann was a little more considerate. Now she’s sent those tweets, my timeline will be filled by morons repeating the claims for the rest of the day. Sigh… and I was hoping for a quiet Friday.

8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter and the Return of the Bell Curve”

  1. Race or colour do not make a moron… but “nuture” does contribute substantially… why religion should be placed under mental disorders, so that people can recover.
    And yes, Asians ARE smarter, get over it… they have been civilsed for far longer so it makes sense, Arabs could have been smarter, but they have polluted their brain with religious dogma, hence finding smarts there has now become difficult. As for whites being smarter than blacks, that is rather unfair as the majority of blacks live in countries where education is lacking, religion is all pervasive, lack of nutrition etc don’t give them a chance. So its like comparing apples and oranges.

    1. You’re confusing a correlation with a causation. Religion tends to be higher where people are less educated – that doesn’t mean it’s the cause for people being less educated.

  2. Okay Black Americans aren’t only that, thanks to the activities of the white slave owners.

    A study was done that showed that the more white ancestry a Black American had the lower their educational attainment on average.

    Googled up a storm but couldn’t find a reference, sorry

  3. Slightly off topic (as usual!), but you were “debating” with “BadboyBNP” his views on the “link” between Homosexuality and paedophilia. He quotes a survey by “Regent University Law Review”. In case you didn’t check this out, RULR appears to have been founded by our old friend Pat Robertson, so I’d suggest it’s unlikely to be unbiased in its research!

    1. Haha! I wasn’t paying too much attention to that thread. The guy also blamed the Jews for homosexuality. As for Pat Robertson, he’s become a comedy figure.

  4. Truth



    forget the name-calling.

    is this True/False

    Standard IQ 100. Half below 100/Half above 100.

    Hispanics Standard at 89. 10-15 points below the IQ 100.

    All public data. All public information. Standard 100. Half above 100/Half 100

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