Who Bombed Boston?

Something HUGE happened on Monday. A multiple bombing, resulting in fatalities and many injuries, which received saturation-level media coverage. The bombs in Nasariyah, Kirkuk and Baghdad killed at least 31 people and injured over 200.

Only joking. Monday was, of course, the date of the biggest bomb attack on US soil since 9/11. Some moron (or morons) planted home-made bombs, killing three innocent people and causing many serious injuries to others who were simply taking part in a marathon for charity. On Twitter, I was accused of a “lack of empathy” for even daring to raise deaths in Iraq or Pakistan, on the day that Americans were killed. Americans! Somebody doesn’t know the meaning of empathy, obviously.

We learned, again, that three is greater than 31. Or than 300. Or than 3000. There is huge empathy around the world for the people who were killed and injured on Monday in Boston, but also huge frustration at the total lack of empathy for the deaths occurring around the world – deaths for which Americans have blood on their hands. While Pakistanis have to suck up the fact that 50 civilians die for every “terrorist” killed in drone strikes – perhaps over 4,000 deaths so far.

Because Americans are real people, and Pakistanis… well, they’re not really, are they? Except they are. You have our empathy, America. Where is yours?

Now, of course, the predictable Muslim-baiting begins. The hate dollar is big, and Americans are the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Hate sells in America. You may have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the last decade, but playing the victim is way more fun than feeling, somewhere deep down, a little bit guilty. The usual suspects – those people and businesses who know how to play morons for the hate dollar – are out in force; and morons are buying.

So far, Fox News guest hater Erik Rush wins the top moron award for wanting to kill all Muslims in response to Boston. Generalising hate towards a quarter of the planet’s population at least means you avoid mistakes – like bombing Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen when you are attacked by a small group of Saudi militants on 9/11.

But who bombed Boston? Fascists on both sides of the Atlantic think they know, and have wasted no time in telling us “it was Muslims”. Never mind that they have repeatedly called it wrong; they know that morons will forgive them getting it wrong repeatedly, if they only get right once. Who remembers now all the morons that blamed the Oslo bombing on Muslims? It was done, of course, by a right-wing “patriot”. Was there a witch-hunt of blond, right-wing patriots? No – acts of individuals are only blamed on groups when they’re brown-skinned.

I don’t know who bombed Boston, but I’ll stick my neck out – and unlike the fascists, I’ll use facts to make my best guess.

We know that from 1980 to 2005, 6% of terror attacks in America were carried out by Islamic extremists. We also know that extremism among far-right Christians is on the rise. The Oklahoma bombing was not a one-off: the Southern Poverty Law Center provides a long list of far-right and Christian plots that have taken place since. It’s easier to be scared of brown-skinned, Arabic- or Urdu-speaking foreigners than it is of the white “loner” who lives down the road, but statistically, the Boston bombing is far more likely to be the work of a Christian than a Muslim.

There’s a good chance that I’m wrong; there are Islamic terror groups that would no doubt like to target Americans (in fact, there are a lot more such groups than there were when the “war on terror” began in 2001). We’ll have to wait and see.

[UPDATE: as you probably noticed, the bombs were not planted by far-right Americans. I called it wrong. However, I called it less wrong than many media pundits are calling it, even now. The two Chechen murderers are variously described as anything from a “cell” to a full-blown Islamic plot to destroy humanity. The reaction has been breathtakingly moronic, even to a seasoned moron watcher. More to come shortly.]

One prediction that I’m sure of: morons always win from violence. Fear will grow; Obama will get more support for his attacks on US civil liberties; the military machine will thrive on the fear, get increased funding, and kill more brown people; the NRA will sell more guns; Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller will sell more of whatever they sell to morons. This cycle will keep on turning until Americans finally spot the pattern, and decide enough is enough. That’s all it needs.

9 thoughts on “Who Bombed Boston?”

  1. In terms of terror statistics, you are being a bit misleading. Though I agree with your conclusion (the Boston attack doesn’t quite have the hallmarks of Islamic terror) the FBI’s list of ‘terrorist activity’ is a lot more wide-ranging than most people’s, including politically-motivated arson, and the SPLC is not a credible source. If you limit the analysis to deadly attacks then radical Jewish groups rather quickly fade out of the analysis, and at less than 1% of the population, Muslims are significantly over-represented in acts of terror by whatever definition you care to use.

    I’m also not sure it’s true that people are too quick to jump to Muslim-blaming conclusions- the Fort Hood massacre and the DC sniper were both widely assumed to be the work of lone wolf whites before further details emerged. It’s also worth remembering that the 31 deaths in Iraq that you feel have been overlooked almost certainly were committed by Islamic terrorists.

    Where I agree with you 100% is on the drone strikes issue. That has not received nearly as much attention as it ought to, and is an absolute disgrace.

    1. What problem do you have with SPLC as a source? To my knowledge they’re THE authority on the American far-right.

        1. Perhaps, but you don’t seem to be disputing that the list I linked is accurate, which is the only relevant thing here

    1. I agree. In my view this makes it more likely that it was a far right “Christian” group (since any Al Qaeda affiliated, or other extreme “Islamist” organisation would have wanted to boast about it to improve recruitment, prestige, funding etc).

      As I understand it, this week is “Patriots Day” in Massacheusetts, commemorating a battle in the war of Independence, and also IRS filing day (some of the far right have issues over “no taxation without representation” in the context of current day America). The Oklahoma city bombing was on 19 April, which may (or may not) be relevant.

      Obviously we need to wait for more facts (unless we Erik Rush to judgement!). I believe Rush subsequently claimed his comments were sarcastic. Given his previously stated views, I think “moronic” is a more likely epithet.

      In unrelated (?) news, Congress has just voted down a bill which would have increased background checks on people buying guns. Yes, Americans, your freedoms are increased because any nutter with an imagined grievance can buy a gun!

    1. White terrorists typically have a target that aligns to their angst, school they went to, peers, relatives, govt facilities for those with idealogical issues, etc. Bombing large groups of civilians with multiple timed shrapnel filled pressure cooker bombs is typical jihad practice. Your facts should have considered this as well – Statistically there were over 270 deaths and over 700 critical injuries due to jihad attacks – last week.

  2. how can fox news have a moron watch unless the news room is filled with mirrors.some of the biggest morons in the usa are working for fox news. they fired glen beck chief moron but kept all the other morons.

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