The Islamification of the Conservative Party

Creeping Sharia hits America
Creeping Sharia hits America

Regular readers of this blog will remember the day last April when much of Britain finally got bored with the far-right English Defence League and its anti-Muslim propaganda, and dealt with it in the only way we Britons know how: in the absence of legal guns and a trigger-happy mentality (as demonstrated by our wonderful, freedom-loving American cousins), we instead take the piss.

That day may have subdued the EDL a little, but American morons are harder to tame. Right-wing propagandists in the US have succeeded in persuading many lesser-educated Americans that “Sharia” is sweeping across Europe. This is, of course, the oldest fear-mongering tactic of them all: since people can see with their own eyes that their own town or state isn’t being Islamified, you convince them that it’s happening somewhere else; somewhere far away that they have no experience of. Thus, I often encounter Americans on Twitter who will tell me that London (a city that I’ve lived in my whole life) is being terrorised by “Muslim gangs”, or that British law is being subverted by Sharia. London isn’t (of course) being taken over by radical Islam; but try to convince a right-wing Texan Fox News viewer who has never held a passport of that fact – you can’t.

Here is a typical recent tweet from a typical right-wing American (@kmita3) to illustrate how easily fear and ignorance spreads among frightened and ignorant people:

I found it particularly ironic that this announcement came in the same week that the British House of Commons decided to fully legalise gay marriage in the UK, by a margin of 400 votes to 175, thus casting some doubt over how quickly Sharia law is actually taking over British society.

Apparently (I learned this morning via a useful blog post) there are eight Muslim MPs in the House of Commons (around 1% of the total, which again challenges the idea that Muslims are “taking over”). Of the eight, four voted for gay marriage, one opposed and three abstained or didn’t show up. So a full 50% of Muslim MPs voted in favour of gay marriage, beating the 43% of Conservative MPs who supported the change. Of the eight Tory MPs in Wales, 100% voted against gay marriage. In other words, Welsh Tories are far stronger supporters of fundamentalist Islamic principles than British Muslims are.

Clearly the Conservative party has been afflicted by Creeping Sharia! Furthermore, the US Republicans seem to have been even more Islamified!! I find it unlikely that even 43% of Republican congressmen would vote for gay marriage (or perhaps even 4.3%).

So, in a bizarre way, the “Islamification” pundits are right. But it’s not British society, London or Paris that have been Islamified, but the white, Christian, European and American right-wing. Fundamentalist Islamic values – such as opposition to abortion, contraception and homosexuality – have crept into our societies. We must stop these crazed lunatics from destroying our values… before it’s too late.

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  1. Bigits regardless of their religion are morons and should be opposed. There is open hostility towards gay marriage from Muslim groups as much as there is from Christian organisations.
    I notice many on the Left have only been talking about Christian bigots opposing gay marriage whilst ignoring Muslims who oppose it as well.
    But hostility towards gay marriage should be opposed regardless of the religion of those who oppose it.

    1. I agree – my post isn’t about supporting Muslim conservatives, but pointing out that issues such as tolerance of gay marriage are being used by the far-right to paint Muslims as “less tolerant” than Westerners to advance their anti-immigration agenda. The Jews were once told that their values were foreign and incompatible with European, Christian ones. This tactic is an old one of the far-right.

  2. Whilst I agree with your comments regarding the loony right, AKA the Republican party, I fear that you are wasting your breath or time writing as they are unable change their views due to lack of brain cells.

    1. Dan, Muslims don’t accept homosexuality let alone gay marriage! They’re morals & values are draconian and a million miles away from that of the western world! Totally different culture permeated with bigotry & barbaric acts. However, Christians live in the western world and are apparently humane & civilised. That is why they are discussed more frequently & accused of bigotry in regard to same sex marriage. Lets sort out the west, the draconian Middle East have a long way to go on many levels.

      1. Aretha – “Muslims don’t accept homosexuality let alone gay marriage!” – it’s this kind of nonsensical generalisation I’m talking about. My Muslim friends have no problem with homosexuality. Polls (that I’ve posted before) show that attitudes among British Muslims are pretty much the same as other religions in their attitudes towards gays – some are liberal and tolerant, others are conservative and intolerant. As I pointed out right here, 4 out of 8 Muslim MPs voted for gay marriage, but 0 out of 8 Welsh Tory MPs did. Your far-right rant against Muslims is the kind of thing people used to say about black immigrants in the 70s (remember Enoch?) and Jews in the 30s. The funny part of this is that you are clearly a bigot, but accuse other people of bigotry.

  3. I fear the title of your post will be used by those ignorant fearful people, as further “proof” that the UK and its party of government have been islamified… they will of course not read what the post actually says.

    1. Well, Ron, I would rather say that depends on whether the people to whom the comment refers are ignorant and fearful. If they are indeed ignorant and fearful, then it is merely stating a fact.

      Your own rather fretful post claiming that Islam will lead to the collapse of civilisation, as a case in point, does suggest both ignorance and fear.

  4. “we Britons” you say. As you don’t reveal your identity we don’t know what you are. You attack counter-jihadists while ignoring the many, many Muslim attacks on Jews and Christians taking place around the world.

    1. Ron – I’m LOLling that you think you’re a counter-jihadist. You’re just a far-right ranter. But if picturing yourself as Richard the Lionheart on a crusade makes your dick hard, don’t let me stop you.

    2. And BTW Ron, I’m the third generation of my Jewish, immigrant family to be born here and carry British citizenship. I’m as British as you are – although many of your far-right mates seem to have had trouble accepting that.

      1. Lol@ counter jihadist. Reckon most of these self styled counter jihadists would find they have lots in common than those they proporte to be against.

  5. As ever, a thoughtful and humourous post.
    I’m surprised more Lionheart Odin lovers are not posting against you. I like the reminders of the simple (but effective) techniques of the far right over the last 100 years. Always hard for them to justify an argument when you show how its been repeated moronlically in many different contexts. Good work fella’.

    1. Racism does not make you pleasing to Odin! I don’t know who Lionheart are but it strikes me that all forms of Neopaganism are too complex for morons: racist or otherwise. (Think racists can even *read* any runes they may scrawl on themselves: or that they can *spell* or conjugate German correctly?! I’ve seen those kind of documentaries and all their tats are wrong: I’ve often thought that fact’d make a great skit!)

  6. Interesting blog post. I agree, that the conservative party is going downhill, by that many votes for gay marriages, it shows that they are trying to fix their image, and want to appear modernised. Religiously some may not agree with homosexuality, even as a Muslim, yes we know in most religions, people wouldn’t accept it. But that doesn’t mean we should be unfair and unjust towards people. I agree with Moronwatch that in this modern era, many attitudes have changed. And this whole isamification of the west is bullshit. And I think those Muslim MPs voted for gay marriages because they didn’t mix politics and religion. I doubt Shariah law will ever be implemented in Europe, hahahah but nice try of cunts who convince others muslims are homophobic, violent, stupid, terrorists, and have muslamic ray guns LOL I find it ironic that these right wing morons point the finger to us muslims, when their ancestors used to carry out witch-hunts, and just recently they finally recognised rights of gay people. Then they tell us we are intolerant.

  7. Another off-topic one, but I can’t resist commenting on dHarbula’s view that “evolution is a theory, gravity is a law”. My knowledge of this is not specialist (and any scientific specialists can feel free to add to, or disagree with, this post as they see fit).

    A scientific theory generally operates by starting from observed fact (in the case of evolution, primarily fossil remains and animals in isolated environments), and extrapolating those facts to produce laws of general application. In this sense, evolution is a theory, but it is based on observation to develop more general laws.

    The laws of gravity (as developed by Newton) also rely on observed fact, and developed those observations into laws of specific application (in other words, they are narrower in scope than those governing evolution). The limitations of Newtonian gravitational laws were demonstrated by Einstein in his General Theory (yes that word again!) of relativity. The “Laws of Gravity” break down at subatomic or relativistic levels.

    The “garden of Eden” favoured by the Christian fundamentalists is, of course, neither a law nor a theory. It has no scientific observation to back it up. At best it’s an allegory, at worst, just nonsense.

  8. Correction on a recent tweet of yours. Wilson was not the last PM to refuse to join a Yank war. It was actually Thatcher (Reagan’s proposed invasion of Grenada). Give her credit for what she did right (it makes it more credible when you attack her for the many things she did wrong!).

    1. I don’t think that’s right. The US never asked Britain to join the Grenada attack (why would they? – it’s a tiny island). But it’s true Britain was upset about it, because Grenada was a Commonwealth country and it was seen as a snub.

  9. You’ve been having some “fun” with someone called Asghar Bukake. Must be a troll, I think. Bukake is Japanese cartoon porn! Very suitable for an Islamist!

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