NRA: National Rapist Association?

A suggestion for the National Rapist Association's new logo
A suggestion for the National Rapist Association’s new logo

Morons never seem to rest, especially on Twitter, and yesterday saw yet another surge of moronic activity as the hashtag
#LiberalTips2AvoidRape trended. In case you’re wondering, the gun lobby has found yet another way to sell guns to frightened people: the idea being that women should carry guns to prevent themselves being raped, and that in calling for gun control, those evil liberals are actually helping out the rapist.

The NRA, of course, has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for a very long time – for example using school shootings as an excuse to sell even more guns – but if there was any bottom still left in the barrel, this latest ruse may have finally worn all the way through. In its hysteria, the pro-gun American right has left behind any sense of decency, but also any sense of reason.

To start with, if guns are freely available, who is more likely to be carrying one – a rapist who pre-meditated his crime, or a woman who didn’t expect it? And if the victim is carrying a gun, how much use is it to her (or him) if there’s already a gun pointed at her (or his) head? Only two weeks ago, let’s not forget, Spanish tourists were raped at gunpoint in Mexico. Rapes at gunpoint are sadly common (as a quick Google will reveal); stories of potential victims escaping because they (and not their attacker) far less so. Guns are, it seems, far more the friend of the rapist than of his victim. I therefore feel it fitting to give the NRA a new name: the National Rapist Association; because no doubt, any American who has ever used a legal gun to rape anyone is grateful to the NRA for their tireless campaigning work on his behalf.

But let’s look at some hard statistics. How do we determine whether gun availability makes rape more or less likely? As the NRA constantly whines, there are US states (typically Democrat-voting) which do implement gun controls, as well as states (typically Republican-voting) that do not. Luckily, I already produced some statistics for a post I wrote a year ago, breaking down rape statistics by red vs blue states. The statistics revealed as follows:

Rapes per 100,000:

  • Average in Republican-voting states: 34.96
  • Average in Democrat-voting states: 28.33
  • Average in marginal states: 29.47

(Full table is available here as a PDF).

Or, to put it another way, rapes are 23% more prevalent in Republican states than Democrat ones. Not only does the right to buy a gun not make women safer, but it appears to make them less safe.

As I’m not a lying, rape-loving, spokesman for the National Rapist Association, let me make clear that I have only revealed a correlation, not causation. We don’t know that the guns are making rape more likely – we only know that states with softer gun laws have more rapes, but not why.

It should also be pointed out that America, uniquely, has a huge prison rape problem. A quarter of the world’s prisoners are American, and the brutality of the system turns a blind eye to rape in prisons – both by prisoners and guards. Given the NRA’s insane position on guns (that guns always make things better), let’s not be too surprised if they start calling for prisons to be filled with guns. After all, if guns help prevent rape on the outside, surely that same approach will work behind bars as well?

Yes, we live in a strange world where many people seem to be convinced that violence of all sorts can be solved by more guns. And then more guns. And then guns, guns, guns, guns, guns. The fact that America has both the highest gun ownership in the world and the highest violence of any developed nation doesn’t seem to stop morons from taking this plainly idiotic position.

And if you’re worried about being raped? Well, in gun-loving Alaska, you are around seven times more likely to be raped than in gun-restricting New Jersey. Take your pick. And if you’re an aspiring rapist? Buy a gun, and send a thank-you donation to your friends at the National Rapist Association.

11 thoughts on “NRA: National Rapist Association?”

  1. Yes, we live in a strange world where many people seem to be convinced that problems of all sorts can be solved by more taxes. And then more taxes. And then taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes <- fixed that for you

    (Yes, I know it's not germane to this discussion.)

  2. If the Yanks want to shoot each other let them, it’s their business. If some want to flee this bloody environment, then no doubt Canada would welcome such sane beings.
    UK should be gearing up to exploit this market and creating desperately needed high skill jobs.
    Let’s stop being wimpish about this. We are all compost in a temporary state of animation, and if some of us want to get back to the earth faster than others so be it.

      1. Well, yes, but that is mainly Mexicans killing each other in a turf war created by prohibitionist American drug policies. No doubt exacerbated by American “entrepreneurs” keen to sell all parties as much weaponry as possible at substnatial profits.

  3. Has the NRA yet opined that Reeva Steenkamp would not have been killed if she had taken a gun into the toilet with her (at 3am!?!)? Seriously, that is surely an argument for saner gun laws, however paranoid South Africans may be (in some cases justifiably: easy access to guns, combined with vast gulfs in living standards, tends to make for high crime rates).

    1. SA and the US have a lot in common. Countries deeply divided on both class and race lines. Racial tensions that originate in racist laws. Hatred originating in both poverty and racial unfairness. A rising black middle class that leaves behind many black people living without hope, in poverty. Scared white people who own guns.

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