Mali Update: Slaughter in Timbuktu

As I blogged earlier this week, Mali’s supposed “anti-jihad” efforts are looking remarkably like previous attempts at ethnic cleansing against “white” desert tribes by the black Malian majority. I am friends with a Malian Tuareg, M, who now has fled to Europe, but has family in Timbuktu.

Yesterday, the media reported that Malian forces had taken Timbuktu. Some reported of “reprisals against Islamist supporters”. The reality appears to be that racial minority businesses have been robbed and individuals lynched. A Facebook update from M received yesterday:


Yesterday the black population of Timbuktu blessing and encouraged by Malian army break Tuareg and Moorish houses, stores and take their contained.
Why the French army did not say anything?
Ago the arrival of the Malian Army in Timbuktu all the Tuaregs and Moors have left the city leaving behind their property.
At the same time the black population that does not participate in the hunt against the Tuaregs and Moors are therefore considered Islamist [and lynched]!! This is terrible!!

killed by population and malian army in public

what are happing now is the some as in 1991, 1992, 1994

It is sad and not human

As ever, the moron media has swallowed the “war on terror” justification for this military action. And as they did in Rwanda, France turns away as one African tribe slaughters another.

Oh, and did you notice that, having diversified from Middle Eastern sources, the US now gets 25% of its oil from West Africa?

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  1. Re your last sentence: well what a shock! That would account for Cameron cozying up to the “Pouvoir” in Algeria (the post colonial government) too. It’s worth bearing in mind that the Algerian government is essentially the same one that fought a long and very bloody war against “Islamic extremists” (the GIA) in the 1990’s. That involved a lot of slaughter, often of innocent people, for which the GIA was invariably blamed (although the government side was suspected of having perpetrated much of it). It seems as if, just as the UK is beginning to extricate itself from the last misguided interventions (Afganistan and, especially, Iraq), Cameron is rushing headlong into another one.

    In fact, much of the increased level of activity can be attributed to lack of government control in Libya, following the UK’s intervention there on behalf of the anti-Gaddafi “rebels”. it seems some people never learn.

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