Porn stars Aren’t Damaged Goods After All

I recently published a podcast featuring interviews with seven British porn stars. The idea for this had been generated several months earlier, when I was confronted by a variety of so-called progressives demanding I accept that pornography was “exploitative”. Knowing some people in the sex industries, I was sceptical. In my experience, those who attack the sex trade, in any form, tend to be more concerned about the “sex” part than the “trade” part.

Having been told that the trade exploits and abuses women (not men apparently – just women), I tried to respond, but was informed that, as a man, my views on sexuality are not to be trusted. So instead, I went to meet and interview female porn stars; I naively thought that perhaps, the voices of women who know the industry first-hand would change the minds of those who hate what they do.

If you have a spare hour to listen to it, please go ahead. It’s available on this blog, or as a podcast for download.

Today, one of the women I interviewed sent me a link to the Independent newspaper; finally someone has scientifically studied the feelings of the women themselves, and the results confirm what I was told during the interviews – porn stars are happy with their work, and don’t do it (as moralists assume) to make up for childhood abuse or other bad experience. In a nutshell, they get paid (plenty) to do what they enjoy doing.

The link came along with the following words:

Hurray! A positive article for a change!! X

This won’t sway anti-sex feminist groups like Object or UK Feminista; but it may at least help those poor liberal-minded guys n’ girls who enjoy porn, but feel guilty about it.

6 thoughts on “Porn stars Aren’t Damaged Goods After All”

  1. I find it depressing that feminists are such bullshit artists that they expect us to accept crap reports like that by Papadopoulos that tries to say that there is a link between strip clubs, porn and rape.s Rupert that is so flawed she should lose her PhD yet this report which is actually run correctly and scientifically is seen as rubbish by feminists.

    1. Too many radfems with dubious credentials have been allowed to worm their way into influential positions in academia: the result is published work which is not merely flawed, but deliberately fraudulent and which perpetuates the same fallacies again and again.

  2. Yes, definitely not all feminists.

    Kinky feminists have a problem with anti-sex feminists. So do sex-positive feminists, third-wave feminists, feminists who understand intersectionality, and pretty much everyone who is not a rad fem.

    I am very glad (but not surprised) to hear that porn stars enjoy their work. I always try to consume ethical porn, but it’s hard to be sure. Maybe we need a sort of Fair Trade mark for porn. There are also some feminist porn sites, which are rather lovely.

  3. Just seen a picture of Object’s anti page 3 protest. Am sure Anna Van Hesswijk has a baby bump. If her baby turns out to be a boy she’ll be telling him from a very early age that masturbating whilst even thinking about let alone looking at sexy women is wicked, evil and misogynist!

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