Todd Akin Attacked For Being Stupid (Being Evil Is Fine)

Todd Akin, Moron
Can This Man Tie His Own Shoelaces?

Moron-watching is made both easy and fun, thanks to US Republicans. Barely a day passes without an insane outburst from a leading Republican politician or supporter; sometimes the utterances are so stupid, I have to double-check the source to check it’s not The Onion or some other spoof site. But invariably, the reports are true, and the stories are a gift to moron-watching. Whether they’re passing laws to make climate change illegal, labelling contraception campaigners as sluts or inventing Islamic infiltration of government, the Republicans provide endless moronic hilarity.

I often wonder if they’ve peaked – how could they possibly continue to match this level of craziness? But if I was in any doubt, this week, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin came to the rescue. Akin’s comment was on a familiar subject – the ongoing attempt to deny abortions to American women, even in the case of rape or incest. In most developed countries, that would be enough for the speaker to dismissed as a lunatic. But in the US, such people are not only listened to, but elected to political office.

If Akin had merely argued for abortion to be denied to rape victims, he would have been almost part of the mainstream. But he took things further, by answering as follows in response to a question on the subject:

From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child. (video)

Akin’s comment, unusually, was attacked by fellow Republicans, and he has been under pressure from within his party to stand down from the Senate race (fellow moron-watchers will be delighted to hear that he resisted that pressure). But he’s not under attack for wanting to deny the right to an abortion to rape victims, but simply for his idiotic misunderstanding of science (something which is normally a Republican badge of pride).

Denying abortion to rape victims is almost mainstream Republican ideology; indeed, Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan also appears to take this view.

Perhaps Akin’s fellow Republicans are really most upset at Akin’s suggestion that God provides for some kind of “natural abortion” when women are raped – hardly a message that supports the anti-abortion side of the argument.

So it seems the Republican Party has no problem with Akin’s abhorrent views; they simply objected to them being spoken out loud, especially in such a moronic fashion.

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  1. They claim to know science, which is hilarious. They have showed us their true colours. Yes, I am happy that he has resisted to step down, just waiting for another moment when he makes himself look and sound like a fool. I don’t know how a full grown man especially one that claims to know science can even think like that. Disgusted with his lack of knowledge, hope he makes more comments though, so we can all laugh (at him).

  2. For anti-abortionists everywhere who claim that the sanctity of life commences immediately upon conception the issue of rape provides an immensely difficult challenge, and it is not a new one. (In 1650 the Jewish Council of Four Lands judged, at a time when clinical modern abortion was not available, that the community had to take responsibility for the progeny of rape, and that is was unreasonable & inhumane to expect the woman victim to care for the child.)

    Senator Akin has adopted this simplistic stance because fundamentally he seeks to avoid the social and personal complexities of rape for the victim and the resultant child. For the woman the pregnancy & child is a reminder of the assault, and is therefore a continuation of the crime. For the child it faces problems of an inherently damaged relationship with its mother, with all that this entails, and the impact of being the creation outside of marriage or stable relationship. Equally the partner of the victim of rape where pregnancy results can be required in law to support both the mother and child through the pregnancy and beyond. In UK law any child born in wedlock is the responsibility of the husband regardless of paternity, unless a court determines otherwise. Anti-abortionists also deliberately ignore the consequences of the pregnancy upon the other children. For the anti-abortionist the only consideration is the alleged sanctity of life of the fetus, and not the lives of any of the other people involved.

    Senator Akin’s facile pseudo-scientific claims are in fact a mechanism in which he and his confederates assign responsibility for the pregnancy upon the woman. He is asserting that women choose to become pregnant or not at the time of rape. In essence he is saying for all practical purposes where a woman becomes pregnant as a consequence of rape it is her choice and arguably it is therefore not rape because there is evidence (the pregnancy) of her exercising choice.

    This frankly is an outrage, and is on a par with the practice in some countries of executing the victims of rape for having incited the man to commit the crime.

  3. I wonder where these people would stand on abortion if their daughter was raped by an afro-american, a latino or a democrat

    1. Don’t be silly. They’d throw the daughter out on the streets!

      But you mustn’t assume that all these crazy people are exclusively white – that would be racist. There’s some mightily crazy coloured folks as well in the same camp.

  4. It is of utmost importance that we strive to get this medieval mind off of the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology.

  5. That’s right moron watchers, yuck it up all you like. Laugh up your sleeve, titter behind your hand but remember this; HE ACTUALLY BELIEVES THIS AND SO DO MANY, MANY OF HIS SUPPORTERS.
    Be afraid people, be very afraid.

  6. I too thought we had reached “peak moron”, and that from now on we would have
    less to laugh at. But thank god for Mitt Romney and his 47 % video.

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