Pornstars (Audio)

Having encountered many myths and scare stories about the evils of pornography, I decided to ask the people whose voices don’t tend to be heard: the women in the industry. This podcast features interviews with seven British female pornstars.

Links to research material: Porn Up, Rape Down: ; The Sunny Side Of Smut:

3 thoughts on “Pornstars (Audio)”

  1. Just as laughable and infuriating as the pro-censorship feminists are so called male feminist anti-sex groups like The Anti Porn Men Project…

    Here’s a group which happily tells women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. You’d think most feminists would be angry about that right? Well some feminists are quite happy for men to tell women what do and what not do with their bodies when they are trying to stop them working in the sex industries.

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