MoronWatch Is Away

I’ll be away for the next week or so, with limited Internet access. If you miss me while I’m gone, you could try the following MoronWatch-related activities:

  1. Catch up with my podcasts (“Moron-Free Radio” as they’re better known) – there are now four to listen to. Find them on my blog or subscribe on iTunes.
  2. Watch some morons on Twitter. They’ll probably be running riot while I’m not here.
  3. Join my Facebook page or add me on Google+.
  4. And of course – follow me on Twitter, if you aren’t already: @MoronWatch

Have fun with the morons! If you get good at it, you too could be receiving fan mail like this one:

D**** S**** ***** 
to mw
Your a fucking asshole and your country Has already surrendered to the Muslims and will soon drown under Sharia Law > Cant wait to see Ya stoned to death for drawing a Picture of Mohammed Fucking a Donkey. Then we’ll see who the MORON is!

4 thoughts on “MoronWatch Is Away”

  1. Wonderful. The internet will be free of your disingenuous misogynist and islamist apologetics for a little bit. Maybe you’re off to Tahrir Square to rape another innocent woman and murder some Copts with your cronies, or is it off to Amsterdam where you’ll enjoy violently ‘protesting’ that movie Fitna? Doesn’t matter either way, hope you lose your passport and can’t get back for a long, long time. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments. Sorry “Good Riddance”, but I didn’t lose my passport, and I made it safely home. Better luck next time, huh?

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