The Moronic Right and Attacks on Bill Maher

Michelle Malkin Moron
Michelle Malkin, Moron-Puppeteer

Being the product of an inner-London state education, I have to admit my Latin ain’t what it should be. When I first encountered the term ad-hominem, used frequently enough in online debate, I had to go and Google it. It means an attack on the person rather than the idea – a simple enough concept, but the use of the neat Latin phrase is understandable, given Twitter’s 140 character limit. It’s a useful term as it describes much of the discourse of morons both online and in the mass media, and especially on the right. Given the sheep-like behaviour of right-wing morons, when an ad-hominem attack is begun in the moron media, I usually see it echoed a thousand-fold on Twitter.

This week’s example is an attack on the satirist, Bill Maher. Maher didn’t actually have to do anything to warrant the attack; what happened was a textbook exercise in the manipulation of morons. The starting point was Rush Limbaugh’s hysterical attack on Sandra Fluke, who he used as a proxy to label women who enjoy sex as sluts. Limbaugh’s attack exposed not only his hatred of women, and of female sexuality, but in the wave of support it created for him, it exposed the American Taliban’s war on sex.

While it’s easy for the truly moronic to scream about sluts, the moron-puppeteers – those who make a living winding up morons – had to be more circumspect. After all, Rush got a kicking from his advertisers; and other right-wing moron commentators, such as Michelle Malkin, didn’t want to follow that example. So the strategy was to use the right-wing staple, ad-hominem. Rather than defend the indefensible, attack someone else as a smoke screen. They chose Maher, labelling him misogynistic for attacks he’s made on Sarah Palin and others. “The liberal war on conservative women!” they screamed.

From the little coverage I looked at, Maher isn’t a misogynist. The Malkin trick is simply to label any attack on a woman, however well founded, as sexist. Who’d fall for that? Morons of course. But the point is, it’s not relevant – morons are screaming at Maher, not because he’s said anything wrong, but to try to balance out the obvious Republican hatred of women, and make it look like it exists on both ends of the political spectrum. Of course, hidden in this strategy is an admission of guilt: the Republican Party has undoubtedly declared war on female sexuality, via abortion, contraception, and simple slut-shaming. The attacks on Maher only serve to underline the lack of a defence.

The use of ad-hominem attacks by morons is frequent and entertaining. The key antidote is to not get distracted by them. Laugh, ignore and move on. After all, if the only attack you can make on Richard Dawkins’ wonderful work on promoting atheism is that his ancestor may have owned slaves, you’ve lost the argument. The fact that Obama-haters have exhausted themselves trying to prove he wasn’t born in the US is a sign of desperation. And I myself have been labelled an Alinskyite so frequently, I had to Google it to find out what it meant.

We should be heartened by the sheer stupidity of right-wing debating tactics. They’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel – where can they go next? In fact, don’t answer that – the truth could be scary.

10 thoughts on “The Moronic Right and Attacks on Bill Maher”

  1. Well assuming I have the right grasp of what an Alinskyite might be I would hardly see it as an insult. Having been a victim of ad-hominem by supporters of Object it is nice to know there is a word for it. Back to the important bit so on the right we have 2 women haters a guy who doesn’t believe in global warming and one that leaves his dog on the roof of his car. I am right to worry that the reason the world might end in 2012 is GOP related?

  2. I am not convinced that this is a right wing attack on women, despite what some might like to think. The right wing across the Western world have their most reliable constituency among women. (Just look how many women vote Tory in UK each time!) If the republicans are women haters, then there is a profoundly entrenched degree of self-loathing among them.
    At best this is an intemperate and largely emotive political battle where the right wing is having difficulty presenting any reasoned argument for their proposals. But the left isn’t much better.
    Neither Republicans nor Democrats really have fielded and supported any credible women candidates for the presidency. Palin & Clinton got closest, but didn’t get the top slot.
    The USA is deeply divided and there is now no sense of national consensus. Both sides deploy irrational rhetoric and misrepresent each other, using every means they can. It is a sign of a deeply troubled society where factions dominate to pursue their own goals.

    1. You’re assuming there aren’t women who hate/attack women. On the contrary, some of the worst treatment of women comes from other women. Look at female circumcision, breast-ironing in Africa for example. Yes, America is a misogynistic society in many ways, but the Republicans are downright crazy.

  3. The truth IS scary, go poke around on “red state” comments. Some of these people are literally getting ready to kill those on the left, and they’re not really even trying to hide it anymore…

  4. From the little coverage I looked at, Maher isn’t a misogynist.

    Yeah, calling a woman a cunt isn’t misogynist at all. Moron.

    1. Well no it’s not… any more than calling a man a cunt (which I admit to having done occasionally) is anti-male.

  5. “Cunt” is a misogynist term, quite apart from anything. Congratulations, you’ve used it before. Might wanna cut it out.

    Not to mention Bill Maher and certain other “progressive” men absolutely love using disgustingly sexist language against right-wing women, and then they wonder why progressive women don’t fucking trust them. I don’t agree with right-wing views, but when a guy, even an “enlightened” guy, starts throwing out “bimbo” and “twat” to describe women he doesn’t like, that’s it for me. He’s shown me that certain women deserve to be treated like human beings and other women are bitches cunts whores, and the second I rub him the wrong way I’m gonna fall into the latter category.

  6. How about an article on the moronic left and their love of Bill Maher. The only real morons are the left who think they can socially engineer a new and great society like the left did in communist countries like Russia.

  7. Newsflash: Maher MAKES A LIVING out of personal attacks, you dipshit. And you’re going off on how the right wing attacks HIM?! Boo fucking hoo. Honestly, you sometimes wonder if the collective IQ of liberals even reaches triple digits.

    1. hey fuckface…. trying to argue that liberals are stupid with your party’s history of stupidity shiws just how much of a stupid, twat, cunt, pussy, closet fag, gop ass puppet you are… after gw? fucking moron… after perry, palin, mccain…. what the fuck is the collective gop IQ? must be in the negative millions but I’m not sure because the math would take too long… go fuck your mother you gop, ass licking, wimp..,your last fucking president couldn’t complete full sentences and palin is the dumbest fucking retard in the whole fucking universe and beyond…

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