Save The World: Shag A Republican

Tennessee Rep. Joe Ragan (R)
Would You Shag This Man? (gay-hating Tennessee Rep. Joe Ragan)

It’s come to pretty much everyone’s attention that the world’s got a little more hostile and fucked-up over the past decade. Morons have been on the march, and chaos has resulted.

Which is a shame, because the world’s a more fun place for everyone when people aren’t bombing each other. I’ve devoted many years to studying the angry, violent, gun-loving, war-loving moron: What makes him tick? What are his likes and dislikes? How angry is he, at whom, and why? The remarkable result of this study is: morons (and moronesses) seriously need to get laid more.

It’s very hard to track exactly how much sex people are having, but the correlation between sexual hang-ups and conservative attitudes seems to be undeniable. Whether it’s Republicans with a curious fascination for gay sex, Hindus who think it’s immoral to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Iranian morality police disallowing the sale of Barbie dolls, few people can doubt the close link between sexual “morality” and moronic attitudes in general.

A sex-counsellor friend tells me that sexual repression, rather than suppressing the sexual appetite, leads to hypersexuality. Human beings can no more abstain from sex without sustaining mental harm than we can abstain from food and remain healthy.

People of the world: I ask you to make a great sacrifice on behalf of the future generations. It is all of our responsibilities to help relieve the uptightness so prevalent throughout the world.

To my American friends: we’d all be really grateful if you’d shag a Republican. Or three. Maybe they’ll think twice before bombing Iran. OK, I know they’re not always the nicest looking creatures, but hey – what’s the alternative?

And this isn’t just an American issue – global problems need local solutions. Ordinary Palestinians trying to scrape a living on the Gaza Strip should consider fellating their local Hamas official. And Indians, why do you think one of your main political parties is called the BJP? Secular Israelis: those Zionist settlers will probably insist on grasping their AK47s throughout. Just make sure the safety is on.

People of the world, undress! You have nothing to lose but your hang-ups.

3 thoughts on “Save The World: Shag A Republican”

  1. The Far Right (by UK standards) in the USA does seem to have a hang-up about homosexuality amongst other things. But perhaps you give insufficient credit to the impact of their environment.
    It is openly acknowledged in the US media that homosexual rape is a wide spread characteristic of the US penal system, bordering upon a rite of passage one assumes for the vulnerable criminal. Given the passion that the USA exhibits for incarcerating in people long term in these often barely managed penitentiaries, it is little wonder that a certain body of them have a profound fear of homosexuality in general. A few years ago a former inmate unsuccessfully attempted to sue to penal system for damages arising from contracting AIDS as a consequence of rape in prison.
    For the poorly educated Bible Belter who may be little more than a step away from incarceration, the negative aspects of homosexuality may be ever present in his mind. No wonder therefore that he supports the most punitive sanctions against it. It’s a hell of a lot easier to fear & hate homosexuals than to sort of the mess of US penal system.

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