Ten Brits Who Should Be Shot

Jeremy Clarkson Is A Moron
A Well-Known Moron

In further pursuit of my ambition to work for the BBC and the Sun, I submit the following kill list for public debate:

  1. Jeremy Clarkson
  2. Jeremy Kyle
  3. Prince Harry
  4. Dave Camoron
  5. Margaret Thatcher
  6. George Osborne
  7. Nadine Dorries
  8. John Gaunt
  9. Melanie Philips
  10. Nigel Farage

Important notes:

  1. This is a joke
  2. I apologise anyway
  3. Can someone at least shoot Jeremy Kyle though?
  4. That was a joke too
  5. Please buy my DVD

8 thoughts on “Ten Brits Who Should Be Shot”

  1. this is my list (in no particular order)

    1. Nigel Farage
    2. Nigel Farage
    3. Nigel Farage
    4. Nigel Farage
    5. Nigel Farage

    Like I said, in no particular order…

  2. James Dellingpole – for making Americans think there are actually a significant number of climate sceptics in the UK, likening Greenpeace to a paedophile and claiming recycling is some kind of communist conspiracy.

  3. The entire ConDem Cabinet needs to be in there…under one single machine gunning…a waste of bullets,but they won’t go any other way.

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