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Let me start with some background for people who have never visited Britain: we drink. A lot. And unlike our continental neighbours, who drink moderately most days of the week, we like to binge. This makes for busy times for the police and hospitals at weekends. In fact, if you’re an aspiring war reporter looking for experience, just head for any British town or city on a Friday night. But be careful out there.

Usually, this attracts little attention in the media. After all, it happens all the time, everywhere. But one particular brawl has excited the moronic end of the press, along with morons throughout the Twitterverse: a brawl that took place in the city of Leicester.

What Happened

A group of Somali women attacked a white woman; they claimed they were responding to racial abuse. The incident was captured on CCTV and the women were arrested, charged, found guilty and handed down a suspended sentence and curfew (for the worst offender) and community service for the rest.

Then The Media Got Wind Of It

Drunken brawls happen in every British city, every weekend. The unusual aspect of this was that it involved Somalis: almost all alcohol-related disorder usually involves white British people.

Being Somali, the women are also Muslim – although clearly are not practising Muslims. This helps expose the nonsensical far-right accusation that “Muslims refuse to integrate”. I personally know Muslims who drink and mix freely in British society; the EDL, BNP and other Muslim-baiting morons would have you believe that all British Muslim women wear burqas and “hate our way of life”. It seems that these young women actually like our “way of life” – perhaps a little bit too much.

The right-wing press, of course, sniffed a chance for Muslim-baiting. Rather than celebrate how well adapted these women had become to the British lifestyle, they ran headlines such as The Telegraph’s: Muslim women not used to drinking walk free after attack on woman. The only other papers to carry the story, with the same anti-Muslim spin, were the ultra-right-wing Daily Mail and Murdoch’s Sun. All three papers have great racist form. Oh, and StormFront, a Nazi site, also carried the story.

All three papers managed to mention the women’s religion in their headlines. Strangely, I’ve never seen a headline about Christian drinking violence, although this happens pretty much every day. The “walk free” part of the headline was used to imply that they were let off. This was misleading – as I’ve mentioned, they were found guilty and received similar penalties that anyone else would have done in the same circumstances.

And Then Twitter

The far-right BNP, EDL and their moronic online supporters wasted no time in spreading the story, twisting it more with each telling. What began yesterday as a regular Friday night incident for Leicester police, with a racial twist, is now evidence of a Jihad.

This is a perfect example of the race-hate machine in action: from the seed of any story comes another excuse to stoke up race hate among morons. The fact that around 99% of drunken, violent attacks in the UK are made by white people is irrelevant to them; they only need these isolated incidents to fire up their moronic followers into a frenzy of mouth-frothing hatred.

10 thoughts on “Drunken Brawl Excites Morons”

  1. Excellent exposé on the right-wing media. The anti-Muslim sentiment spreading across such outlets is comparable with Arbeitertum, Das Reich or Der Stürmer. Totally unacceptable, and these are the same ones who then praise the War efforts.

    Are they not aware of their own hypocrisy???

  2. The whole headline is a joke. The judge “heard”. Yes he did hear they were clean living Muslims who can’t handle a drink. A barrister mentioned it. The judge sentencing wasn’t based on that but the wording in the headline strongly implies it was the basis for is decision.

  3. This article is factually incorrect though “The only other papers to carry the story, with the same anti-Muslim spin, were the ultra-right-wing Daily Mail and Murdoch’s Sun.” The Telegraph, The Independent and The Leicester Mercury all highlight that the attack was carried out by ‘Muslims’. This fact IS significant because THEIR defence lawyer used this point to push for a lighter sentence.

  4. The leicester mercury article is completely different in tone though. It makes it clear that the judge gave them a relatively lenient sentence due to other factors not their religion or level of intoxication. The leicester mercury does not play upto the PC gone mad and the judiciary/the establishment are doing the white down myths that the articles in the sun, mail and telegraph do. The headlines of those stories for whatever reason attempt to place the story in that narrative.

  5. The judge in his sentence mentioned that he’d normally jail a defendant found guilty if there were blows (specifically kicks) to the head while the victim was prone and/or unconscious. This is because such blows can be interpreted as an intent to kill or seriously injure and disfigure a victim.

    In this case their claim of mitigating circumstances –reacting to racial abuse is not to be credited. They were as a pack of hyenas kicking a woman while she was laying on the floor. They are not credible. They are actually quite dangerous.

    The judge then proceeded to give them suspended sentences.

    The judge in this case contradicted his own standards. He’s the moron.

  6. Interesting article. Did wonder what the fuss was about. Thought I’d google her name. I do wonder what Rhea and her boyfriend think. Maybe they don’t agree with the far right groups trying to represent them. People going out having fights, assaulting strangers are moronic.

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