The Racist Tram Woman And Her Moronic Defenders

Racist Tram Moron
Racist Tram Moron

You’ve probably seen the video of racist-tram-woman ranting at “non-English” people on a tram in South London; it went viral yesterday, culminating in the woman’s arrest. The arrest was predictably followed by moronic screams about attacks on free speech or authoritarianism. But the woman’s behaviour was clearly within the definition of hate speech, and was clearly upsetting to those she chose as targets. It also came close to inciting a violent response. It was a textbook example of why hate laws exist.

People who have never experienced such an attack may have difficulty understanding how it feels to be on the receiving end. As I’ve mentioned before, I have experience of being a “visible minority”, to use the politically correct terminology. At my London school, I was among a white minority of around 10%. Through my adult life, largely because of choices I’ve made, I’m often in a minority of one among black people. And black crowds are no more enlightened in their treatment of minorities than white crowds are.

I experienced something very similar to yesterday’s incident, a few years ago on the Subway in Brooklyn. I was the only white person on my train carriage; this didn’t strike me as weird or frightening, as I’m used to being in that position. Nothing happened until I caught the eye of a man staring at me; my natural response was to nod in greeting, to which his reaction was to scream at me: Who the fuck you looking at, you White Bastard? My initial response was rage, then a mixture of fear and embarrassment. In London, I’d know how to respond, but in New York, I didn’t know where I stood. Unlike the other passengers in the South London tram incident, nobody on that train stood up for me. Every coward or racist on that carriage found something else to stare at. If there’s a shred of comfort from the London video, it is that people stood up to the racist bully; London 1, New York 0.

There’s no such thing as “reverse racism”; it’s a myth. Racism is racism, and it’s always moronic. The idea (that I’ve heard from liberals at times) that racism directed at white people is somehow more excusable due to the actions of other white people towards other black people at other times is ludicrous. Because some other white people were/are guilty of “oppressing” some other black people somewhere else doesn’t make my skin colour a valid target of hatred.

I’ve experienced racism many times – usually in subtle forms. Walking with a black woman in London, New York or Accra I have been met with confrontational stares from passing men. My only option as a man on the receiving end is to puff out my chest and stare back. To look down, to back down increases the risk of an attack escalating. This can become tiring; it drains you, makes you angry, makes you start to misjudge people’s attention and see racism where there isn’t any. Those black and Asian people on the London tram have all faced racial aggression before – probably not so overt, but nonetheless, it’s hardly a novel experience for any of them to know that a person dislikes them for their skin colour or accent. I fully understand the reaction of the young black man who rose to respond; but was glad that he was persuaded to sit down again.

People have the right to ride a tram or walk the streets without facing aggression. The moronic woman broke hate laws and it’s right that she was arrested. A failure to react condones the behaviour; at a time when racism and nationalism are on the rise, failing to deal with hate crimes will inevitably result in the crimes multiplying and becoming more serious.

The same applies to hate speech everywhere; for example, South Africa too is experiencing increased racial tension, not just against the white minority but against foreign blacks too. South African minorities need hate laws to be enforced every bit as much as (or perhaps even more than) minorities in the UK need protecting. So do minorities in Rwanda, where hate laws (for obvious reasons) are ruthlessly enforced. Racism is a universal problem, affecting minorities of every race, tribe, religion and colour. To protest that arresting the tram moron was an attack on free speech is simply moronic.

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  1. Well put as usual Mr Watch.

    The most depressing thing about that video was that it did not strike me in any way as an isolated incident. Sadly the train moron was articulating the views of many many people in our country – as evidenced by some of the hideous comments defending her on the youtube video, the rabid tweets you’ve received and the morons you refer to defending her “right to free speech”.

    In mitigation, (but not in any way seeking to excuse her reprehensible behaviour), she actually looks like she’s completely off her tits on something – either that or she’s mentally ill. I have taken that tram a few times in the past and without exception there has been at least one nutter on my carriage. In fact, on at least one occasion, I’m fairly sure I was the only fully sane person in a ten-foot radius. This is statement of fact (well perception anyway), not poking fun at the mentally ill.

    It’s absolutely right that she’s been arrested and let’s hope that somehow there’s a safe and positive outcome for that poor kid, but frighteningly the tram moron is very far from a one-off.

  2. Absolute moronic idiots behind me on the bus defending the inbred racist woman. I told them racists views would not be tolerated under any circumstances and they backed down and apologised for being racist.

  3. Well said. Racism is despicable, no matter who it’s aimed at and who’s being the racist. Remember an incident at university were a West Indian lady referred to an East African of Asian descent as a (horrible word beginning with P).

  4. I can’t believe that people are trying to claim free speech gives her the right to spout this harmful nonsense. Free speech does not give anyone the right to abuse people for the colour of their skin. I don’t think that Britain is getting more racist or anything, I think each generation is less racist than the last. Of course, it’s worrying to see anyone who seems to think it’s OK to think this sort of thing, never mind to say it but it’s so pleasing that most people are repulsed by her behaviour.

  5. The problem is fear, poverty and ignorance. You are right up to a point but I deal with people who can’t read a social security form let alone understand abstract concepts. It’s about survival at the most elementary mundane level , tribalism and domination asserted toward the most obvious distinctions such as skin colour, sex or age or even about establishing identity with religion or sport team. Vile hate speech is dangerous but suppression of it is also dangerous.
    I think we need to sort out financial disadvantage…well actually this is also one of those same dividers explaining the extreme right wing prejudices against…you know “the great unwashed”.

  6. I’ve had a few arguments on about this. Essentially it boils down to mostly Americans (but a few Europeans too) arguing the ‘free speech’ thing. I’ve pointed out that by outlawing hate speech, we are protecting minorities, which in turn gives them greater freedoms, so in fact, we’re more free over here. Depressingly, this argument went straight over their heads, but what can you do? I keep on keeping on, in the hope that some of my argument gets through their thick moronic skulls and some begin to see the light. Ho hum…

  7. Racism against any group of people including racism against white people should not be accepted. I am a minority and even though I have experienced racism from white people I dont associate one man’s actions to a whole group of people. I am impressed with your patience and outlook on life.

  8. Racism is the preference of ANY race over another. Sadly we minorities are far more guilty of this, than whites are.
    They give simple facts and all we can do is play the race card? We are better than that. The hate speech is coming from us and it needs to stop, now.
    Get the chip off your shoulder and make something of yourself.

    You’re not a victim, you’re just lazy.

  9. the term “hate crime” is moronic. so if a crime is not a hate crime, then is it a love crime? the term was coined to appease minorites and heterophobes.

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