How To Tell If You Live In A Police State

Nazi Searches
Look Familiar?

Remember Freedom? It was that thing we were going to deliver to Afghanistan and Iraq. OK, so it was a little embarrassing when Iraqis joined the Arab Spring to demand the end of the US Occupation, but good intentions and all that…

So anyway, it turns out that the whole “War on Terror” thing may have backfired on us. As the Bush administration was warned, if you’re going to undermine rights on your own territory in order to “fight terrorism”, then, well – the terrorists can claim to have won. And so it now seems. Asian and African leaders can laugh out loud when the US State Department slaps their wrists for doing all the same things that the US has been guilty of over the past decade.

The slide from democracy into a police state is subtle. Some of the very people trumpeting the danger are the same ones supporting attacks on civil liberties. Here is a list of ten ways to spot the trend:

  1. The prison population increases. This isn’t due to increasing crime, but increasing fear of crime resulting in more laws and harsher punishments. Large prison populations are incompatible with freedom – that seems obvious, but morons don’t seem to have noticed. The US has the world’s biggest prison population (24% of total), followed by China (17%) and Russia (9%). Smell the freedom!
  2. You hear a lot about a “terrorist threat”. This is an excuse that has been used by dictators from Hitler to Gaddafi. The tiny number of successful attacks on Western targets in recent years is an indication that the “threat” is hugely exaggerated. But don’t expect morons to understand that.
  3. You hear a lot about “crime increasing” even if it isn’t. Crime is at a historic low in much of the Western World. Crime surveys agree with the official figures: people feel safer in their own neighbourhoods. However, the conservative media’s job is to convince people that life is becoming more dangerous, and the drip-feed of scare stories about crime takes its toll on morons. Fear of crime means that the police are allowed to get away with more abuses, most of which aren’t noticed by the frightened middle classes (though working class people in the inner cities certainly feel the pain of all that extra police attention).
  4. You hear about “knife crime epidemics” that don’t actually exist. This is a favourite in London. A growth in knife crime was “discovered” by the British media just before the mayoral election in 2008, just in time for the right-winger Boris Johnson to be elected. This led to more stop and searches by police (largely on young, non-white males). The UK murder rate has remained extremely low throughout. But morons are frightened, and fear allows the police state more leeway to act as it likes.
  5. You hear scary new phrases like “sexualisation of children”. “Sexualisation” was a clever PR invention by a UK-based Christian lobby group. This was drip-fed through the media so that the average moron has come to believe this is a sudden new problem, indicating some kind of moral breakdown in society. The truth is, all children become sexualised; it happens when they hit puberty, just as it has always done. However, it’s now being used by the UK government (and others) to justify new censorship measures, from Internet filtering to attacks on “explicit” music videos. The S-word has also recently been spotted in the US and Australia.
  6. Minorities become a “threat”. This, of course, is standard far-right methodology. Find a scapegoat that is too powerless to fight back, and imbue it with threatening attributes. It worked against the Jews and this time Muslims are taking the brunt. Moronic attacks on Muslims are gathering pace, especially in mainland Europe. Many morons believe in this “threat”, as a glance at my Twitter family will reveal.
  7. The police are allowed to stop and search someone without good reason. One of the foundations of a free society is that you don’t get harassed by the police unless they have good reason to believe you have committed a crime. This has clearly slipped a long way already, especially in the inner cities. And when young people finally get sick of it, the police are given even more powers to harass them.
  8. The police start finding new reasons to stop people. Terrorist laws are always (yes, always) used to attack free speech. In the UK, terrorism law has been used to harass press photographers who might expose police behaviour. In the US, the Patriot act has been abused to attack Occupy protesters. But the most pernicious of all are the drug laws; while these aren’t new, they are enforced, or not, at the whim of the police. Millions of people use illegal drugs, and always will, but that’s not the police’s concern; the drug laws are simply a proxy for being able to stop anyone, anywhere, any time.
  9. The police get ever-better weaponry, despite crime falling. The police recently deployed rubber bullets for the first time on the UK mainland. Because of increased violence? No, to create increased violence. This adds to the increasing armory of the police, already carrying tasers, batons and pepper spray. Thirty years ago, with much higher crime rates, the police managed without most of these weapons.
  10. Fellow citizens take an increasing interest in your private life. Before we go blaming the state for everything: remember, a police state depends largely on a moronic, frightened citizenship that believes the scare stories served out to them on a daily basis. Effective police states like that in Communist East Germany require citizen spies. Today, citizens are stoked up into constant fear about crime and terrorism and asked to report on “any suspicious activity”.

We’ve got ourselves into a mess. Many things need doing, including:

  • Repeal the Patriot Act and similar “anti-terrorist” laws elsewhere.
  • Make concerted efforts to cut prison populations – however much the morons may squeal.
  • Decriminalise drug possession, removing the police’s single biggest excuse to stop people.
  • Tighten stop and search powers to prevent their random use.
  • Confiscate the police’s arsenal of anti-citizen weaponry.
  • Strengthen laws against police violence – almost no officer is ever prosecuted, even when someone is killed.
  • Educate the morons: their fear drives a vicious circle of ever more aggressive state behaviour.

14 thoughts on “How To Tell If You Live In A Police State”

  1. I was okay until the paragraph about minorities where you show who the real moron is. Some minorities just accept the customs of their new countries and they want to live there in security and peace, sharing with others to make this a better world

    Others unfortunately want to spread their hateful ideologies, preach against all that western civilization has built, and fight to get more rights than others. If you haven’t figured it out yet, they are the followers of islam.

    The morons are indeed the idiots who accept all the muslims’ requests for more: poligamy for instance, honor killings, killing of jews, christans and all other religions who do not accept their despicable prophet, unlabelled halal meat, etc.

    Otherwise, your description of the police state was perfect.

    1. Paul, If you think Muslims are calling for polygamy (with 2 Ys BTW), honour killings or killing of Jews, you’re a deluded moron who needs to get out more. I’m a Jew living in an area of London with many Muslims, and have Muslim friends and even family. Nobody is calling for any of this stuff. You’re exactly the kind of moron I was writing about – you’ve been wound up into a frenzy of fear against a non-existent threat. Sucker.

      Oh, and I ate some Halal chicken at the weekend BTW. It tasted just like any other chicken. I just checked and I haven’t turned Muslim yet.

  2. This is all very interesting, but the main culprit in all of this hate is religion. Not minorities, but religion itself. What would be happening in the world if religion were not around? Humans are a ridiculous bunch of morons who require a fantasy to believe in so as to attribute their hateful greedy wanton ways onto something that will make them feel righteous and good, even if it means killing other humans for the good of their belief.

  3. Quite pointless to criticise morons, unless you’re into self-loathing. Truth is, we’re all morons… it’s just a human thing.

  4. I was pretty much with you until your complaint about new police “weapons”. Don’t you think that non-lethal, (or less-than-lethal) alternatives to shooting and beating uncooperative suspects or protesters is a step in the right direction? I know I would rather be hit with a rubber bullet than a lead one.

    BTW Do you realize that this page is linked from the thinly veiled racist rants on the webpage of a Canadian murder suspect? What is that about?

    1. Never trust the police – they’re the enemy of democracy, not its friend. They need minimal weaponry for their job and no more. The British police (and in most other places) have been getting ever more weaponry, yet crime and violence are falling. Watch out…

    2. That is how I found this page. It is now 2016 and that Canadian “Luka Magnotta” was totally guilty and a strange story it is.

  5. You live in la-la land. You lack a grasp of reality. Didn’t your parents ever buy you one of those connect the dots books a few years ago when you were still a child?
    My guess is you are a lazy wannabe-criminal.
    I am certain you are a moron.

  6. Crime is an epidemic in low socio-economic areas. I say this as a fact, stemming from years of study in the field of U.S. secondary education. When crime becomes an epidemic, mid to high socio-economic persons complain and begin enforcing a police state. I do agree that fear is behind this. However, your conspiracy theory is eyeballing the wrong culprits.

    I also came here from the website of the narcissistic Canadian murder suspect’s webpage. It is funny how people that protest “police states” in areas where there is actually little evidence of a police state existing…are those that believe they should be able to do whatever they want (or do something that is currently illegal aka drugs).

  7. I don’t know what you experienced while your childhood, what I know is Lin was really a nice guy. He loved his life. your have no right to end up it .

  8. you did well but you failed to list electing a leader like the usa has. as for getting out of the mess, it is not going happen. we deserve what we are going to get as the usa collapses. maybe praying to mother earth will fix things or maybe darwin’s theory will eventually clean up the human race.

  9. Yes, it is religion, Christianity is not religion, it is a relationship with the Living God. He will not force a thing on you, but you reject Him you get the god of this world, satan. It matters not if you believe in Him, you still die and face Him when your judged and that will not come out well for you.

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